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Gimmel Fund

We focus on Fintech, Digital Health, Sensor Fusion, CyberSecurity, Privacy, Automotive, IoT, Devices, EdTech, Social Networking and other emerging markets.

Our team and network of investors, strategic partners, entrepreneurs, executives, professional services and technology experts are here to give you the support you need, even if you are not currently looking for funding.

Our Technical emphasis is on AI, machine learning, breakthrough algorithms, devices/IoT, and innovation.

Our Business models include SaaS with MRR, enterprise licenses, high margin and consumer unit volumes.


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Gimmel Accelerator
We help you create and grow your new product corporation by offering a rapid program including investment, mentorship and space in Menlo Park, Palo Alto and Mountain View for committed entrepreneurs. The Gimmel Accelerator is available to select startups. 

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Gimmel Advisors 

When we miss an investment opportunity, we sometimes provide a range of services from incorporation, business plans, product definition, go-to-market, business development and strategic partner relationships. Interim CxO and board seats available to select partners.

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