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Seeding real world solutions

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It takes a village to build a business

Gimmel offers a hands-on approach to support our teams early on


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We believe in Delivering Results

It's all about the 3 T's

Trust, Team, Timing


Real World Solutions

Fintech /

Digital Health /
Sensor Fusion /
CyberSecurity /

Privacy / 

Social Network /

Automotive /

IoT Devices /  
EdTech / 

Entertainment Tech /

Our team of investors and network of strategic partners, entrepreneurs, executives, professional services and tech experts are here to give you the support you need, even if you are not currently looking for funding


Our Technical emphasis is on AI, Machine Learning, Breakthrough Algorithms, Devices/IoT, and Innovation

Our target Business models include SaaS with MRR, enterprise licenses, high margin and consumer unit volumes

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Gimmel BootCamp


Enrollment Q3'20

Accepting Top Flight StartUps for BootCamp

It's all about the Network and Team, GimmelFund recently launched the Gimmel Bootcamp, a WhatsApp-enabled online (or Covid-19 safe face-to-face) 6-Week Accelerator Program straight out of Palo Alto in Silicon Valley 


Gimmel Bootcamp by week:

1) Corp Formation / Cap Table / Team Review

2) Investor Pitch / Live Evaluation / Scorecard

3) MVP Review / Product / CTO & CPO / Mentor

4) Business Model Review / How You Make $

5) Go-to-Market / BizDev / Sales / Marketing

6) Review of Next Steps / Funding

Our Approach: Strategy -> Tactics -> Results

Gimmel Bootcamp

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Gimmel Talent

If you're a Service Provider

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Service Providers (retained by top flight Startups)

A) Biz Dev Execs

B) PR/Marketing/Social Network

C) Pitch Deck/Storytelling

D) CFO (Fractional)

E) Individual Attorneys

F) Recruiter (Deferred w/initial retainer)

G) HR/Talent Coaches/Compliance

Some testimonials from the portfolio

Charlene Consolacion, CEO Biig Technologies (Automotive)

"Gimmel is always there, 24x7, when we needed them, good times and challenging times"

Ross Meyer, CEO DevWerks, (Video Infrastructure)

"The Gimmel team's easy to use platform at Pie.Capital, bootcamp, as well as advisory services, impressed us to create this relationship"

Andrew Funkhouser, CEO Latusapp (Sports and Nightclub Tech)

"We are blessed to have the Gimmel team behind us as we launch the next-generation of POS technology"

Irfaana Ismail, CEO FXLabs (FinTech)

"Gimmel provided us immediate help setting up our S-Corp, cap tables and financials"

Nazar Fedorchuk, CEO, Senstone (Transcription consumer device)

"After observing Gimmel's strengths and valuable insights for tech companies at our stage, we knew that going forward with them made significant strategic sense. Resulted in funding.

Malcolm Flack, CO BBuck (Gaming)

"We launched with Gimmel and had early investors within 30 days"

Madukar Govindaraju, CEO Numly, (HR Tech)

"Gimmel helped improve our messaging which resulted in closing several angels investors"


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