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Kosta Vilk


Gimmel Entrepreneurs Group

Palo Alto

Kosta has a passion for making a difference using advances in technology. He has over 15 years of experience in technology infrastructure, product design and development, as well as a strong background in cyber security. Kosta has worked in technology, US government, consumer and financial services sectors over the course of his career.


He is a proven entrepreneur; founder of companies such as K&L Enterprises, and most recently I-Span. Under Kosta's leadership, I-Span grew from an early stage startup to a full services technology provider to companies such as AllScripts / Eclipsys (MDRX), Calypte Biomedical (CBMC), Camelbak, Dell Force10 Networks, DexCom (DXCM), and First Republic Bank (FRC). Since I-Span, Kosta has been leading technology and cyber security in the financial services sector.


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