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Bill Eichen

Managing Partner

Gimmel Entrepreneurs Group

Palo Alto


Bill is a seasoned technology executive and entrepreneur with hands-on experience in leading corporations in emerging markets. He brings a successful record of revenue growth with a focus on strategy, execution and results. His leadership is focused on technology solutions, business development, and team building in start-ups and large corporations. His software and device experience includes mobile, sensors, fintech, consumer, digital health, privacy/security, automotive, and communications.


Bill was CEO and Chairman of Sensor Platforms, acquired by Audience/Knowles (NYSE: KN) and President/Chief Operating Officer of Analogix, a cross-border leader in digital home, consumer and mobile products who pioneered DisplayPort/USB-C and HDMI. As Founder and CEO of Pie Capital and Software Incubators, Bill has brought to market successful products which solve real-time financial evaluations and notifications, logistics tracking, social networking, security and sports analytics. Bill was CEO of Memcall/RoboGroup Israel, a leader in deep packet inspection for security and communications.  Mr. Eichen is an innovator and was responsible for a variety of management successes at National (acquired by Texas Instruments, NYSE:TXN), Cypress (CY), IDT, and Motorola. He holds both Masters and Bachelors degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science where he wrote some of the original works of Sub-Band and Adaptive Predictive Speech coding for the Motorola Dyna-Tac mobile phones).

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